Historical plans underway for Saxman’s revitalization and community development



Historical plans underway for Saxman’s revitalization and community development

October 11, 2021
Monday afternoon

(SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska – A landmark meeting took place on October 1, 2021 with Cape Fox Corporation (CFC), one of the representative organizations in attendance. The meeting was also attended by Saxman City Council and the Mayor of Saxman and the Organized Village of Saxman (OVS). The three entities are working together for the first time to strategize and put in place plans that will focus on community development and revitalization in Saxman, Alaska.

The plan is to form a community development corporation (CDC). This newly formed company will focus on the development and revitalization of the village of Saxman. Charles Parker of Alaska Village Initiatives (AVI) led the strategic planning session which outlined the responsibilities, governance structure, priorities and vision of the CDC. This is a vision shared by the three entities which includes a list of priorities to be achieved in order to move the Village forward.

This is a historic moment for Saxman, Alaska, as noted by Joe Williams, Jr., President of OVS, “Never before in Saxman’s history had OVS, the town of Saxman. and Cape Fox Corporation, the ANC for the village of Saxman, met to discuss the future of Saxman.I have been working for 26 years to make this meeting happen and it is finally here!

One of the plans under discussion is the construction of a new grocery store that will serve Saxman. Joe Williams noted that “a grocery store of some sort should be built in Saxman for the residents of the southern end of greater Ketchikan, which includes all residents and shareholders of Saxman.”

Saxman Mayor Frank Seludo has dedicated himself to strengthening the Saxman community. He said: “As elected officials, we must work for the betterment of the people who elected us. So we continued to work on building a grocery store. We care about our community and listen, and we have heard the response from the voters. “

Additionally, Clifford Blair, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Community Development Corporation (CDC), expressed his support for this historic initiative, stating that “I am extremely grateful that the three Saxman entities are working together to improve Saxman and his people. With the creation of the new Community Development Corporation, we can now get things done faster than ever for our shareholders, extended family shareholders and community members.

The creation of the Community Development Corporation (CDC) is a watershed moment for Saxman, Alaska, as it brings together community leaders to work together in unison. The plans presented will advance Saxman commercially and bring greater economic stability to the community.

Edited by Mary Kauffman, SitNews

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Cape Fox Corporation (CFC)

Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) was created under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) of 1971. Cape Fox Corporation is the Alaska Native Corporation of the village of Saxman.

Today, Cape Fox Corporation is made up of a family of companies divided into two distinct groups: the Federal Contracting Group and the Commercial (Tourism) Group. Collectively, CFC and its subsidiaries specialize in tourism, information technology and cybersecurity; professional services; health services; marketing; training services; and logistics services.

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