City Invites Community to Commit to Future of PT Golf Course, Mountain View Commons


The City of Port Townsend invites the community to share their thoughts and opinions on the future of Port Townsend Golf Course and Mountain View Commons on Blaine Street.

The process begins with an initial stakeholder meeting from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Thursday, September 29 in the Council Chambers of City Hall.

The Stakeholder Committee, a staff advisory committee, is made up of 20 individuals selected from Mountain View Commons, Port Townsend Golf Club tenants and community members who are interested in the project and have approached the city to join. the committee.

They will be responsible for being the eyes and ears of this process, ensuring diverse community representation, and helping to integrate community inputs, options and compromises with staff and consultants, as per the town.

The culmination of public participation will result in a decision by Port Townsend City Council on what to do with the golf course and Mountain View properties.

“We are excited to launch this effort and look forward to hearing the thoughts and ideas of the community,” said City Manager John Mauro. “There are no predetermined decisions regarding these valuable community assets, and we very much look forward to engaging broad representation from our community to consider how to get the most out of our public space.”

In early 2020, City Council directed City staff to pursue a two-pronged approach to managing the golf course by issuing a request for proposals and entering into a three-year operating agreement and engaging the community in a discussion on alternative uses.

In November 2020, City Council voted to continue golf services for three years while studying alternative use concepts for the course while developing and refining broad community involvement in the future of the property.

The city recently developed a framework for a community discussion to explore the long-term vision for the golf course.

The results showed limited use of the golf course and interest in golf in general, according to the city. While most survey respondents had no opinion on the operation, investment or use of the golf course, those with an opinion generally did not want to make capital investments, establish a cost recovery policy or exploring partnership options.

For those with an opinion, most didn’t want the city to stop operating the golf course.

At previous Under the Tent events hosted by the Housing Solutions Network, the topic of the golf course contract has been a hot topic.

Some of the participants advocated that the city use the land to build affordable housing.

The City Council discussed the future use of the golf course on June 13 and has since engaged Groundswell Landscape Architecture to assist with the project.


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